Award win as part of actuarial mentoring programme

As part of our commitment to building a culture of diversity and inclusion, in 2018 we enrolled mentors and mentees into an actuarial mentoring programme, sponsored by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA). 

The pioneering mentoring scheme has been designed to address a lack of gender diversity at senior levels of the actuarial profession. 

Research from the IFoA has revealed that non-retiring female actuaries are leaving the profession 13 years earlier than their male peers, at the respective ages of 40 and 53. This is leading to skewed gender balance at senior levels of the profession, despite near parity in the number of male and female actuaries at lower levels. A recently published research study by Moving Ahead, Turning the gender diversity dial, has shown that structured mentoring programmes help retain female talent and improve gender balance.

In 2019 five mentors and mentees took part in the programme which arranges for mentees to be matched with mentors outside of the company they work for. The IFoA held a number of training sessions but the main emphasis of the programme was for mentees to take the lead and arrange mentoring sessions with their mentor on a regular basis. 

The programme came to an end with an awards ceremony to recognise exceptional mentees and mentors. Although there was strong competition from a number of our industry competitors, Just was nominated in three award categories namely: 

  • 'Most Dedicated Programme Partner of the Year' – Christina Turner, Early Careers and Diverse Talent Advisor 
  • 'Most Dynamic Mentoring Organisation of the Year' – Just Group 
  • 'Most Committed Mentee of the Year' – Sonali Shemar, Product Development Actuary

We're delighted to announce that Christina Turner won the award for 'Most Dedicated Programme Partner of the Year' for her passion and commitment to making it a success. Just will once again be enrolling mentees and mentors into the programme in 2020.