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Programme Manager

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Reigate - Enterprise

Reigate - Enterprise




This is a 12 month Fixed Term Contract role

The Programme Manager is a leadership role responsible for the effective delivery of value from and flow of work through a Value Stream’s delivery teams.

As a vital member of the Value Stream leadership team, the Programme Manager will enable and drive the delivery of real business value by the Value Stream. To do this will include facilitation, direction and support of the Value Stream teams in both Business and Technology change, stakeholder engagement and the drive for continuous improvement.

The jobholder will clearly understand and have the ability to identify and manage the opportunities and challenges of aligning delivery efforts with business priorities across a complex range of domains.

The jobholder will be able to confidently build and maintain close relationships with key stakeholders to co-create an environment for success.

The jobholder will have line management responsibilities with responsibility for coaching and developing both direct reports and other members of the function.

The principal responsibilities of the Programme Manager role include but do not stop at;

  • Manage and optimise the flow of value through the Value Stream using appropriate tools and techniques;

  • Working with Value Stream Product Managers to agree Value Stream delivery objectives and publish them for visibility and transparency;

  • Establish and communicate Value Stream planning events, outcomes and delivery iterations that include realistic and pragmatic plans and what is required to succeed;

  • Facilitate and ensure Value Stream planning readiness by working closely with the Value Stream Product Manager and other key stakeholders to understand objectives, roadmaps and backlogs;

  • Enable and facilitate the tracking of the execution of features and capabilities against objectives and goals;

  • Working with other Programme Managers, facilitate periodic synchronisation and alignment of delivery roadmaps and increments to identify and manage interdependencies;

  • Support the Product Manager with decision making by facilitating effective estimation by technology and business teams of prioritised work;

  • Identify and support the management of risks and dependencies and escalate where they cannot be resolved or are outside of the organisation’s appetite for risk;

  • Encourage collaboration between teams inside the Value Stream and between Value Streams and the wider business;

  • Understand and ensure adherence to agreed quality standards, governance and guardrails including Value Stream expenditure; ensuring that material deviations are transparent , visible and accepted;

  • Drive and enable continuous improvement to help the Value Stream improve over time;

  • Foster Communities of Practice by sharing and re-applying skills and knowledge and the introduction of good practice;

  • Establish, foster and maintain an environment and organisation structure to enable delivery excellence;

  • Understand and make visible the progress against objectives and make interventions to manage impediments where necessary;

  • Understand and manage the Value Stream’s capacity and capability and communicate this clearly;

  • Develop, measure and respond to metrics and key results in a timely manner – ensuring they are transparent and visible to value stream stakeholders;

  • Lead the Delivery Management team within the Value Stream and occasionally beyond (direct line management).